Responding to diverse construction needs in foundation work.

Ueda Kikou responds to various needs with solid achievements in removing underground obstacles and on-site construction pile methods.

All Casing Construction Methods

  • Revolving All Casing Construction Method

    Obstacles including hard ground and existing concrete, etc., are easily removed with the large bore and ability to reach great depths.

    • φ800 to φ3000

    The " All Casing Method " drills holes with a casing bit attached to the end of a revolving casing. Hard soil layers, tourmaline layer, cobblestone layers, bedrock, and reinforced concrete having a high N value can be drilled with a high efficiency.

    The balanced pressing force and highly accurate verticality facilitate large bore and deep construction.

  • BKF Construction Method(Vibration and noise measures)

    Environmentally-friendly drilling technology realizes " low noise and low vibration " in consideration of the neighboring environment.

    • φ1000 to φ2000

    This method uses the " BKF hydraulic hammer grab " with cylinder hydraulic transmission system. Drilling is advanced by driving the shell (drill point) into the ground with the weight of the hammer and force of the spring.

    A high-pressure hose is not required, and the resulting noise is lower.

    The crown is treated with special resin to reduce the noise. The hydraulic system ensures that the shell opening/closing force is strong, and that a high drilling performance is achieved.

  • Revolving All Casing Bottom Enlarging Construction Method / GSB Construction Method

    Suitable for enlarging the bottom of bedrock. This environmentally-friendly drilling technology incorporates " low-noise, low-vibration " measures in consideration of the neighboring environment.

    • φ1500 to φ2000(shaft diameter)
    • Enlarged bottom diameter ≤ up to shaft diameter + 1000 mm

    An enlarged bottom is drilled with an arm extending from the GBS bucket, using rotational torque of the revolving machine while applying a counterforce on the inner side of the casing.

    A construction range of shaft diameter + 200 mm to 1000 mm is supported.

  • NS ECO-PILE® / Screwed Steel Pile

    Screwed steel pipe realizing large vertical holding force and surplus soil free construction

    • φ700 to φ1600
    • 1.5, 1.75, 2.0-fold of blade diameter and shaft diameter
    • Drilling depth : Max. 70 m

    " NS-ECO PILE " is a steel pile with a helical blade welded to the edge. During construction, the steel pipe is rotated in with a casing rotator, etc. The wedge effect of the blade exerts a propulsion effect and enables smooth penetration.

  • Sky Chuck Method(Vibration, noise, hard bedrock measures)

    • φ1000 to φ2000

    " Low noise and low vibration " measures for neighboring environments. Perform crane work + earth drilling + hammer drilling with one unit!

  • MRT Construction Method

    Super Drilling Construction Method
    (Underground impediment removaland narrow ground measures)

    • φ800
    • φ1000
    • φ1200
    • φ1500

    This construction method is designed for removing underground impediments in narrow grounds, and can be used on a plot as small as 10 m x 15 m.

F4C(F4 Catcher)

Maximum lifting capacity 40 tons. The catcher accurately lifts any type of obstacle.

  • For φ1500 to φ3000

Construction Methods for Low Spaces and Narrow Grounds

  • Revolving All Casing Method(Low Space Type)

    Easily remove obstacles such as hard ground and existing concrete with the large bore and ability to reach great depths.

    • φ800 to φ2000

    The low-space type revolving all casing method, capable of working under restricted spaces, is suitable for use near steel towers, under high-voltage power lines, construction sites under elevated bridges, and inside factories. The compact body is easy to handle, and is powerful in confined work spaces having height restrictions.

  • Micro Revolving Method

    Work in narrow spaces and places with low headroom

    • φ800 to φ1200
    • Ultra-light weighing just 9 tons
    • Drill even in places with just 4.5 m of headroom

    The micro revolving method is perfect for confined spaces and places with low headroom.

  • Low Headroom Sliding Method

    Work in narrow spaces and places with low headroom

    Work is possible even where headroom is restricted to 5.0m

    • φ1000 to φ1500

    Drastically improve work efficiency by working in low headroom spaces where heavy machines previously could not access.

Earth Drilling Method

  • Double Enlarged Bottom Earth Drilling Method / SY Method

    The mechanical bucket makes it possible to perform enlarged bottom piling with a 5-fold support force even in narrow places.

    • Shaft diameter : φ800 to φ3000
    • Enlarged bottom diameter : φ900 to φ4700
    • Drilling depth : Max. 81 m

    The SY method is a new onsite pile concrete enlarged bottom piling method that is capable of a large support force by drilling the enlarged bottom diameter to double or more the shaft diameter (enlarged bottom area max. 4.84-fold).

  • SB earthquake resistant pile e construction method

    Pile head steel pipe wound On-site construction concrete pile

    • Shaft diameter : φ800 to φ2500
    • Enlarged bottom diameter : φ900 to φ4700
    • Drilling depth : Max. 81 m

    The SB earthquake resistant pile e-construction method fully utilizes established on-site construction concrete piling methods. It is designed to increase earthquake resistance, increase the freedom of design, and reduce costs by attaching a commercially available steel pipe on the on-site construction concrete pile head or the entire shaft section.


Ueda Kikou has been involved with foundation work ever since our establishment in 1976. Our work is based on three words that our founders set as our company policy:

  1. Thanks
  2. Diligence
  3. Sincere

As a member of the construction industry, we are ready to help contribute to society.

Japan's construction and civil engineering industry is heading into a new era. U Ueda Kikou’s teams, managed directly by the head office, will contribute to society with mobility and technology.
Ueda Kikou is passionate about creating technical innovations for effective construction methods, and continues to apply an insatiable challenging spirit to make advances in unknown areas. We feel it is our mission as a professional contractor to pass on our technology and foster the next generation. We are certain that this is our greatest contribution to the industry and society.

We will continue to work toward the realizing endless ideals so that we can meet the diversion construction needs of these times and environment.

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Founded September 1976
Incorporated January 1986
Capital 40 million yen
Sales 5.38 billion yen (based on actual figures for 2017)
Construction business licenses Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Certificate of the License Granted License No.: (TOKU-28) No.24127
Public Works Business, Scaffold/Construction/Concrete Work
Employees On-site administrators: 20
Engineers (including Machinery Center): 95
Clerical staff: 25
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